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Project Description
Simple log listening utility that listens to logs events from multiple sources, e.g. TCP/UDP, File logs, Remoting channels


About the Project
Over the years that I have spent as a software developer, I have realized the essence of perfect logging in application development. As part of development, writing logging statements seems to be chaotic task, although it gives a perfect solution while debugging applications especially in production environment (where we don't even have a simple CLR debugger).

In context of production debugging logging proves a metal over other strategies, because logging becomes the only way to communicate the process that is going under the hood (application). We can neither set a debug watch nor may we have a break point to stop execution at a certain point of time. Although we may use debug.assert statement, again it is not very convenient. Altogether in my experience application seems like a black box, having no stiff controls over the execution.

LogViewer - A Simple log listening utility supports the following source for log listening:

1. Listening of log events from log file. (It is implemented using FileSystemWatcher component, thanks to .NET Framework team).
2. Listening of log events over TCP protocol. (For supporting NLog NetworkTarget. It is implemented using System.Net.Sockets, again thanks to .NET framework team).
3. Listening of log events over UDP protocol. (For supporting log4net UdpAppender and NLog NetworkTarget, thanks to log4net contributors).
4. Listening on log events over Remoting channel (For supporting log4net RemotingAppender, thanks to log4net contributors).

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